Arithmetic Operations

A statement can perform more than one arithmetic operation. If there is more than one arithmetic operation in a statement, they are executed according to the level of the operators: Parenthesis take precedence over all other operators; multiplication and division take precedence over mod, mod takes precedence over addition and subtraction.

Evaluate an expression in the following order:
1. Anything inside parenthesis, including functions, is done first: working from the inner-most parenthesis out;
2. Multiplication and division (*, /) are performed from left to right;
3. % is performed from left to right;
4. Addition and subtraction ( + and -), are performed from left to right.

Test yourself with the movie below. All answers are integers. That means that 1/2 is 0 NOT .5!
Think of the answer, then move the cursor over the check box to see the answer. Click the arrow button for the next problem.

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You can also use trace to test your own problems: trace(-3 * (6 * (3 - 8) + 10)); will display 60. Make sure there are the right number of parenthesis, including the ones for the trace function!

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