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We will modify the movie so that each time it leaves the stage it reenters with the next message in the array.

We will modify the code as shown below:

var messages: Array=new Array("You can do it!","Keep up the good work!","Way to go!");
var messageNumber=0;  //to keep track of which message is next
lblMessage.x=stage.stageWidth; //put the message off on the right

function frames(e:Event):void {
  if(lblMessage.x<0-lblMessage.width) {
    lblMessage.x=stage.stageWidth; //put the message off on the right
    messageNumber++; //next message
    if(messageNumber>=messages.length) { //make sure it is not too much
      messageNumber=0; //if it is too much, set it back to zero

It is very important that we do not refer to messages[3] if there are only 3 items in the list.
Remember that if there are 3 items in the list, they are [0], [1], and [2].
Referring to messages[3] will cause a run time error.

An array has a property length, that gives the number of items in the list. In the example above messages.length is 3.
If the index (messageNumber) is greater than OR equal to 3 there will be an error, so we must set it back to zero when it is 3 or more.


  • Use push to add a few more elements to the array.
  • Add the command messages.sort(); ¬†What order do the messages appear in now?

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