Changing a Color in ActionScript

We will change the color of the flower to a random color when we click the button. This time, the flower has 3 color areas: lightArea, darkArea, and colorArea. We generate random values for red, green and blue then multiply by a value less that 1 to get a darker shade and multiply by a value greater than 1 to get a lighter shade. We must ensure that the values are never more than 255.
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The code is shown below:

var light,medium,dark:int;  //3 shades of the same color
function changeColor(e:MouseEvent):void {
  var colorT:ColorTransform = new ColorTransform();
   colorT.color = light;
   flower.lightArea.transform.colorTransform = colorT; //change the color of the box
   colorT.color = medium;
   flower.colorArea.transform.colorTransform = colorT; //change the color of the box
   colorT.color = dark;
   flower.darkArea.transform.colorTransform = colorT; //change the color of the box
} //changeColor
function setRandomColor(): void {
	var red:int=Math.random()*256;  
	var green:int=Math.random()*256;
	var blue:int=Math.random()*256;
	medium=(red*256*256)+(green*256)+blue; //RGB value
	var darkRed:int=red*0.6;
	var darkGreen:int=green*0.6;
	var darkBlue:int=blue*0.6;
	dark=(darkRed*256*256)+(darkGreen*256)+darkBlue; //RGB value
    //notice the difference in setting ltRed,ltGreen and ltBlue. The result is the same
   var ltRed:int=red*1.5;
	   if(ltRed>255) ltRed=255;
	var ltGreen:int=green*1.5;
	var ltBlue:int=Math.min(blue*1.5,255);
	light=(ltRed*256*256)+(ltGreen*256)+ltBlue; //RGB value
} //randomColor
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