Keyboard Events

The movie below lets you use keys to move the blob. Look at the code and try to determine what keys can move and rotate the blob: Get Adobe Flash player
stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, doKeyDown);
function doKeyDown(e:KeyboardEvent):void {
 var amount:int=1; //amount to move by
  if(e.shiftKey) amount=5; //make it 5 if shift is down 
  switch(e.keyCode) {
	 case 40: blob.y+=amount; break; //down arrow
	 case 38: blob.y-=amount; break; //up arrow
	 case 37: blob.x-=amount; break; //left arrow 
	 case 39: blob.x+=amount; break; //right arrow
	 case 82: //letter r
	      if(e.shiftKey)  amount=-1; //if shift is down rotate counter clockwise
		  else amount=1;
	      blob.rotation+=amount; //rotate when r is pressed
  } //switch
} //doKeyDown
Notice that we do not need curly braces {} around the statements for the letter r: the break ends the block with case rather than curly braces. Download the FLA file

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