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Active Learning: Animation

Create a simple animation. It can be nodding the head, waving arms, a bird flapping its wings, or a person walking.

Use your imagination! Do something new that you did not see in the videos.

Save the Alice3 program as lastName_firstName_animation.a3p. For example mary_smith_animation.a3p

  1. Create an mp4 and a Screen Shot of the code to post in this weeks discussion.
  2. Submit the lastName_firstName_animation.a3p file in assignments.


  • There is a comment with your name and a description of the program. (1 point)
  • You have a comment for each block of code telling what movement takes place. (1 point)
  • You have at least 1 animation using subparts.(arms, legs, etc.) (2 points)
  • You have used variables for most of the movements. (2 points)
  • You have used at least 3 different control structures such as count, while, do together. (3 points)
  • The animation is realistic (no subparts overlap and the pose is possible for the real life character). (1 point)
  • Take a Create an mp4 for the discussion.
  • Save the program as lastName_firstName_animation.a3p and submit.

Example animation

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