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Active Learning: Dancing

Using the "dolphin tricks" and "dancing Chicken" videos as an example make up your own dance routine.

Use your imagination! Do something new that you did not see in the videos.

Challenge: Have 2 or more characters dancing together.

Save the Alice3 program as lastName_firstName_dancing.a3p. For example mary_smith_dancing.a3p

  1. Create an mp4 and a Screen Shot of the code to post in the discussion.
  2. Submit the lastName_firstName_dancing.a3p file.


  • There is a comment with your name and a description of the program. (2 point)
  • You have a comment for each block of code telling what movement takes place. (2 point)
  • You have used at least 3 different commands such as move, turn, roll. (6 points)
  • Take a Create an mp4 for the discussion.
  • Save the program as lastName_firstName_dancing.a3p and submit.

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