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Active Learning: Final Project

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When you finish these lessons animate a known fairy tale, myth or folk tale. This is NOT a story that you make up. If you are having a hard time thinking of a story, check out this list from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fairy_tales

Nursery rhymes and stories such as "10 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" are not appropriate as they do not have enough scenes and interactions. Check the requirements below to make sure you have enough plot, dialog and actions to meet the requirements.


The animation must include the following features:

  1. It has at least six events and event handlers (keyboard, mouse, timer, etc.) (2 points)
  2. Asks the user at least two questions and varies the actions according to the answer. (Do you want to go through that door?  Do you want to go right or left?, etc.)(1 point)
  3. Instructions for navigating the story must be displayed in the world at the beginning or as they are needed during the story.(1 point)
  4. You must use sub-parts to make your characters/props move more realistically.(2 points)
  5. Your program is well designed and uses at least 5 procedures, each with a designated purpose and comments.  Two of those procedures must use a parameter. (2 points)
  6. You have at least three scene changes.(2 points)
  7. You have at least three camera changes with camera markers.(2 points)
  8. You use at least three object markers.(2 points)
  9. You use an array somewhere in your world. (These could be used with your scene changes) (1 point)
  10. You use at least three sounds/music.  If you use music, your world will get large fast. Only use small clips from songs and play them over and over if you want. Note that you must not use a clip longer than 30 seconds as that is a copyright violation. You can use audacity to clip a sound if you want. You could also record short sounds if you want.(2 points)
  11. The story is complete: it has a beginning and ending with appropriate characters, props, and actions.(2 points)
  12. There are at least two billboards with images, somewhere in your animation.(1 point)
  13. All worlds must use appropriate material. No profanity, nudity, strong violence or anything else inappropriate. (required)
  14. Your animation must be at least 2 minutes long without endless loops. (required)
  15. You must create an MP4 file of the movie to submit in Blackboard in the discussion. (graded separately)
  16. In the discussion, give a synopsis of your story. Tell why you chose this story.
    Put the MP4 only in the discussion section of Blackboard. Do not put the .a3p file in the discussion area.
  17. You must watch the videos of classmates and comment on 3 in discussions.
    View all the .mp4 files from your classmates in the discussion section.  Respond to at least 3 classmates.
    Tell them something you liked and also offer a suggestion for improvement. (graded separately)


You must submit the a3p file along with the Word document described below.

In addition to the a3p file that you submit, please create a Word document with the following:

  1. Your name and title of project
  2. A synopsis of your fairy tale/story
  3. Why you chose this fairy tale/story
  4. A link to where I can read the story.
  5. Explain how to "navigate" through the story. 
  6. Explain what the "events" are.
  7. Tell what you found most difficult about animating this fairy tale/story.  How did you solve the problem?
  8. Is there something you would have liked to put in your animation, but couldn't figure out how to do it?

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