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Final Project Design

Please look at the requirements for the final project.

You are to create the design for the final project. You are to create a Word document and paste all parts of the design into the Word document.
You will upload the Word document in Blackboard under assignments. Your design must have the following:

  1. Your name (required)
  2. A synopsis of the story you are going to tell. (1 point)
  3. Why did you pick this story? (1 point)
  4. List the scenery, actors and props that you will use. (1 point)
  5. List at least 3 different actions that you will need: the birds fly, the prince kneels, etc. (1 point)
  6. Tell how you will make it interactive: what questions will you ask the user? (1 point)
  7. What sounds will you use?
  8. If there are items in you story that are not in Alice, how will you represent them. Billboards can display a picture, or you can substitute something.
  9. All worlds must use appropriate material. No profanity, nudity, strong violence or anything else inappropriate.
  10. Write the algorithm. Show each of the major steps that will occur. (5 points)
  11. Your storyboard has at least 10 frames with the major events, scene changes, and dialog. (10 points)

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