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Active Learning: A Game or Quiz

Create a guessing game or quiz.

Use your imagination! Try to do something not already done by a classmate.

You should include at least 5 questions.

Count how many questions the user gets right. Show the score at the end.

Save the Alice3 program as lastName_firstName_game.a3p. For example mary_smith_game.a3p

  1. Create an mp4 and a screen shot of the code to post in the discussion.
  2. Submit the lastName_firstName_game.a3p file.


  • There is a comment with your name and a description of the program. (1 point)
  • You ask the user at least 5 questions. (required)
  • The questions use at least 3 different types. (2 points)
  • For each question tell the user if their answer is right or wrong.(2 points)
  • A counter is initialized to 0. For each correct answer add 1 to the counter. (2 points)
  • The score is displayed at the end. (1 point)
  • At the end tell the user they passed if they get a score of at least 60%, otherwise tell them they failed. (2 points)
  • Create an mp4 for the discussion.
  • Save the program as lastName_firstName_game.a3p to submit.

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