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Active Learning: Talk to the User

After doing the user input lesson, you should be able to ask the user a question and store the answer in a variable.

Your code will look something like this: (but MUCH more interesting!)

Here are two shots from the running movie:

Create an Alice3 world with any scene and objects you want.
Ask the user at least 2 questions and respond in some way.
This is not two actors talking to each other. It is asking the user a question, storing the user's answer in a variable, then using it in some way.

Save the Alice3 project as lastName_firstName_talk.a3p. For example mary_smith_talk.a3p

  1. Take a screen shot of the movie to post in this weeks discussion.
  2. Submit the lastName_firstName_talk.a3p file in assignments.


  • In the code there is a comment with your name and a description of the program. (1 point)
  • You have at least 2 variables of different types with meaningful names. (2 point)
  • You ask the user at least 2 questions and store the answers in the variables. (3 points)
  • You use the variables to respond to the user. (2 points)
  • You have created an interesting project with a theme, appropriate scenery (at least 4 objects) and characters. (2 points)
  • Take a Screen Shot for the discussion.
  • Save the program as lastName_firstName_talk.a3p and submit in Blackboard under assignments.

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