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1. If a math problem has several steps, what is the best way to create the result? answer

Do it one step at a time using several variables with good names for each step.

2. What does the % symbol do? answer

The % finds the remainder: 5%2 is 1.

3. In Math.min(???, ???) The two ??? indicates that this function requires two _____ answer


4. With the code shown below, where does the bear cub move to?

He moves half way to the castle gate.

5. In the code shown below, what is getDistanceTo?

a function

6. Adding 1 to a variable is called _____ answer


7. If we add several values to a variable one at a time, we would call that variable ____ answer

an accumulator or total: Accumulators keep a running total by adding in each value one at a time.

8. If you are calculating the distance to move an object, what type will the variable distance be? answer


9. What does this code do?

num3 is the total of num2 and num2, num3 is the average of num1 and num2

10. In the code below, what happens?

The child moves next to the soccer ball

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