Your First program: Hello World

The goal of this lesson is to write your first program in Alice3.
You will learn how to create a scene by selecting a template, then add a character and add and edit code.

In this module, you will create a program with a 3D character who says "Hello World."
In order to do this you will need to:

  • Create and modify a scene in the design view.
  • Select and add 3D characters to the scene.
  • Select, add and modify people.
  • Use the arrows to move, rotate, and resize the characters and other objects.
  • Move the camera and change the angle.
  • Add comments with your name and description of the program.
  • Create code to have the character say "Hello World"
  • Run the program, test, debug, and save it.

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Please study the material at each of the links below.

  1. Select a starting template: There are many templates: grass, sea floor, snow, room, mars, and more.
  2. Code Editor vs. Scene Editor: Add 3D models in setup scene, add code in code view.
  3. Naming conventions: Follow these conventions for the names you give objects, variables and methods.
  4. About the first program: Important things to remember when you create the first program
  5. The first program: Hello World: This video demonstrates how to create your first program.
  6. Discussion Questions

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Create Hello World project

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