Introduction to Alice 3

The goal of this module is for you to successfully install and run the latest version of Alice.

Alice requires the Java Development kit, JDK. The easiest way to install Alice is to download and install Eclipse first. Eclipse is a Java compiler and the installation includes the JDK.

  1. Download and install Eclipse from
  2. Download and install Alice 3.2 or later from
  3. Do NOT download Alice 2.x

Follow the installation procedures. These are different for different operating systems and are not covered here.


This link explains how to download Alice for Mac. You need to disable something first in order to download it.

This link explains how to download JAVA for Mac. You need to update JAVA in order to download eclipse.

Check point: If you have downloaded and installed Alice3, and are able to run it you have successfully completed this page and can continue to the next page.

If not, review the videos and instructions. Did you miss a step? Is there someone you can ask for help? Is Alice3 installed somewhere else that you can use?
You need a running version of Alice3 to continue these lessons.

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