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Active Learning: Software

What is your favorite software?

Create a slide show presentation in Microsoft Power Point, Open Office Impress, or Google Slides to tell about your favorite software.

It can be productivity software, application software, anything that makes your life easier or more fun.

Your slide show presentation can include video, a song (rap about Word?), sound, drawings and animation, but it must be done in either Power Point or Impress.

Use your imagination and have fun.


  • Starts with an introduction giving your name and title of project: 1 points
  • Shows knowledge of the subject: 2 points
  • Shows knowledge of the presentation software: 2 points
  • Includes a variety of multimedia, animation, images, tables, charts, sound: 2 points
  • Sufficient length or complexity to show real effort: 3 points

Grading Rubric

  Novice Competent Proficient

Name and title are not given.
0 points

Name and or title is missing or is not on separate slide.
0 points

Starts with an introduction slide giving your name and title of project.
1 point


Has errors or show limit knowledge of subject.
0 points

Shows some knowledge of subject.
1 point

Shows knowledge of subject.
2 points


Shows very few features of the presentation software.
0 points

Uses a limited number of features.
1 point

Shows knowledge of presentation software by using several features.
2 points


Has 0 or 1 multimedia.
0 points

Includes some multimedia.
1 point

Includes a variety of multimedia, animation, images, tables, charts, sound.
2 points


Presentation is only 1 or 2 slides and/or does not cover topic.
0 points

Slide show is brief (3-5 slides) and does not show effort.
1 point

Sufficient length (at least 6 slides) and complexity to show real effort.
3 points

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