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This material is for a college level course introducing computing fundamentals: the scope, significance, history, and social implications of data processing. It will help students to get the most from computing, including selecting and installing hardware and software to meet their needs; and to use technology ethically, safely, securely, and legally. It explores the benefits and risks of the online environment; careers in technology and emerging technologies. It introduces key applications, such as word processing, spread sheet, database, and presentation software, to solve problems.

About the author/editor

These materials were either compiled and edited, or written by Professor Janet Joy for a computer concepts course.

This is a compilation of free resources. I am excited about this approach to classroom materials because it allows inclusion of a variety of multimedia as well as text. The downside is that some of the links have ads and links could break. Over time, some of the material will be outdated. If you encounter broken links, outdated material or other errors, or would like to suggest other resources, or have comments, please write to jjoy@zebra0.com. I appreciate your help.


I would like to thank Dr. Muhammad Kehnemouyi, Dean of Science, Engineering, and Technology at Montgomery College, Rockville MD for his support in making this project possible.

Thanks also to Dr. Herbert "Buddy" Muse, Dr. Nawal Benmouna, Dr. Alla Webb and my colleagues at Montgomery College. Thanks also to the students who provide valuable feedback.

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