Number Systems: Decimal, Binary, Hexadecimal, RGB Colors

In this lesson you will learn about computer number systems.

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Please study the material at each of the links below.

  1. Data In The Computer
  2. Number systems: grouping: Quantities can be grouped in different ways.
  3. Decimal systemDecimal system: The decimal system is base 10.
  4. Binary Numbers: 0 and 1Binary Numbers: 0 and 1: The binary system is base 2
  5. Video: Convert binary to decimal: This video demonstrates how to convert binary numbers to decimal
  6. Drill: Convert binary to decimal: Practice converting binary numbers to decimal
  7. Convert decimal to binary: This video demonstrates converting decimal to binary.
  8. Drill: Convert decimal to binary: Practice converting binary numbers to decimal
  9. Hexadecimal Numbers: Base 16Hexadecimal Numbers: Base 16: 4 binary digits can be represented by 1 hex digit.
  10. Decimal, Binary and Hexadecimal: Conversion table
  11. Converting Binary to Hexadecimal: This video demonstrates converting binary to hex.
  12. Drill: Convert binary to hexadecimal: Practice converting binary to hexadecimal
  13. Converting Hexadecimal to Binary: This video show how to convert binary to hexadecimal.
  14. Drill: Convert hexadecimal to binary: Practice converting hexadecimal to binary.
  15. RGB ColorsRGB Colors: RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue. It is used to represent colors.
    Be sure to experiment with the sliders.
  16. Scientific notationScientific notation: Very large or small numbers are often displayed in this format.
  17. How to Write Decimals in Scientific Notation
  18. What does e mean?
  19. Drill: Value of e notation: Practice writing e notation in normal format.
  20. A Magic Trick using binary numbers: Just for fun, print on heavy paper, cut out and enjoy!
  21. Self Study Questions
  22. Discussion Questions
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