Social Issues

Although computers are largely beneficial, there are some issues that are problematic:

  • Privacy; identity theft;
  • The digital divide: the gap between those who have access to technology and those who do not ;
  • Health & fitness: extended computer use deprives children of physical activity;
  • Physical risks due to excessive computer use: carpal tunnel syndrome, back problems, and eye strain; 
  • Communication Breakdown: Excessive computers use may stunt the development of social skills and interpersonal relationships
  • Gaming Addiction
  • Plagiarism
  • Pornography is highly available on the internet.
  • Employment: More and more jobs can be done using computer technology.

Please study the material at each of the links below.

  1. Social issues computers have created: Outlines main areas of concern: communication breakdown, defamation of character,
    identity theft, cyber bullying, gaming addiction,
    privacy, health & fitness, education (plagiarism),
    terrorism & crime, sexuality
  2. The Digital Divide: America Offline: the problem of the digital divide in America
  3. Living Offline: What it is like to live offline in America
  4. The Digital Divide: One man's story
  5. Telecommuting: Why telecommuting is good for you and good for business
  6. Telecommuting: Breaking Myths of Teleworking
  7. 10 Myths About Video Games
  8. Social Issues: The Effects of Computers on Children: Lists both positive and negative effects of computers.
  9. Discussion Questions
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