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Women in Computing

Without Women, computing as we know it would not EXIST!

Here are just a few women in computing.

  • The first computer programmer was a woman
  • The Original ENIAC programmers were all women
  • The Inventor of the compiler was a woman
  • Chairwoman of Prodea Systems
  • Distinguished Engineer of IBM Watson Research
  • The inventor of Bluetooth and GPS technology was a woman
  • The CIO of Johnson & Johnson is a woman
  • The first programmer was a woman
  • The CEO of Hewlett-Packard is a woman
  • Patty Lopez, PhD Computer Science: Platform Applications Engineer, Intel
  • The CEO of XEROX is a woman
  • women in computing
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  • Computing and computer technology are part of just about everything that touches our lives from the cars we drive, to the movies we watch, to the ways businesses and governments deal with us.

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