Arithmetic Operations

There are problems you can solve in many areas.


For an hors d'oeuvre-only party, assume you need 12 hors d'oeuvre per person for the first hour and six hors d’oeuvres per person for each hour thereafter.

Allow one beverage per person per hour.


Maintenance Fluid Rate 1st 10 kg: 100 mL x kg 2nd 10 kg: 50 mL x kg 3rd for every additional kg: 20 mL x kg The sum of theses values (adding the results of each) determine the maintenance fluid rate per day To determine the fluid maintenance per hour, the value of the maintenance fluid rate per day is divided by 24 hours . s=sqrt(2277)
s=47.717=48 mph

S= 15.9


Police use the formula s = square root of 30fd to estimate the speed of s of a a car in miles per hour, where d is the distance in feet that the car skidded and f is the coefficient of friction.
If the coefficient of friction on a certain gravel road is 0.23 and a car skidded 330 feet, find the speed of the car, to the nearest mile per hour.

How many steps in a staircase, length, height.


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