Boolean Expressions in C#

A Boolean expression is one that can be evaluated as true or false.
A Boolean expression can use relational operators such as < for less than, > for greater than, == for equal, != for not equat and the logical operators && (and) and || (or).
In this lesson we will use the If and optional else statements to decide which statements to execute.

Please study the material at each of the links below.

  1. Microsoft Reference: if / else
  2. Boolean Expressions
  3. IF Statements
  4. A buffet restaurant part 1: Adding radio buttons
  5. A buffet restaurant part 2: Adding code for radio buttons and check boxes
  6. Adding the Mouse Move Event
  7. Left or Right?
  8. Top or bottom?
  9. Nested if/else to find letter grade
  10. Microsoft Reference: conditional operator
  11. The conditional operator: ?
  12. Microsoft Refernce: OR ||
  13. Microsoft Refernce: AND &&
  14. AND And OR
  15. Drill on Boolean
  16. The conditional operator: ?
  17. Boolean Variables and Properties
  18. MIcrosoft Reference: switch / case
  19. switch/case to show season
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