Controls in C#

A few controls with their suggested prefix are shown below:

Icon Prefix Name Example Purpose
btnButton btnSave User clicks to start an action.
cboCombo box cboStates Offers a list of choices in a drop down box.
chkCheckbox chkMarried Used for yes-no questions.
grp GroupBox grpSize Serves as a container for RadioButtons.
lblLabel lblGreeting Displays information.
lnkLinkLabel lnkHelloWorld User clicks to go to a web page.
lstList box lstShipping Same as a combo box but all of the choices are visible in a list.
picPicture picComputer Displays a picture.
radRadio button radMorning Offers a group of choices - only one in group can be selected.
txtText Box txtLastName Allows the user to type in answers.
vsbVertical scroll bar vsbRate Allows the user to select a numerical value without typing it.

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