Controls in C#


C# gives controls a default name: the first label is named label1; the second label will be label2, and so on.
It is important to change the names of the controls; lblGreeting and picComputer are easier to work with than trying to remember whether Picture1 is the computer or the printer.
It is a good habit to name the control as soon as you add it to the form.
You are probably thinking something like, "I need a label to display a greeting," so immediately naming the label lblGreeting makes sense.
In order to make our projects easier to work with, we will start giving our controls names.
It will make writing and debugging your program easier if you use a standard prefix for each type of control: btn for bButtons, txt for text boxes, lbl for labels, etc.
The table shows the suggested prefixes. Most of these controls will be discussed in more detail later.

The (Name) property is inside parenthesis and is almost at the top of the property list.

When you type a name for a control you can not use any spaces or any special characters except the underscore.
Most programmers use what is sometimes called "Camel Case" - each "word" in the name begins with a capital letter.
It is easier to understand txtLastName, than txtlastname or Text1.

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