Dialogs in C#

In this lesson we will create the Happy Birthday application shown below:

As you can see in the illustration, this app has a menu, a tool strip, and a staus bar at the bottom.

It will use common dialog controls to select font, color and the picture to display.

You have seen many of the common dialog boxes in other applications.
You have probably seen the dialog box to select a font or color and have probably used the common dialog to open a file and save a file.

Please study the material at each of the links below.

  1. Happy Birthday: An overview of the app we will create in this lesson
  2. Create the menu for the Happy Birthday App
  3. Create the tool strip for the Happy Birthday App
  4. Create the status strip for the Happy Birthday App & add code for time
  5. Microsoft Reference: Dialog Boxes
  6. Add the font dialog for the Happy Birthday App
  7. Microsoft Reference: Common Dialog Controls
  8. Add the Open dialog to select a picture for the Happy Birthday App
  9. Microsoft Reference: The File Dialog Filter
  10. Add the Color dialog to select a background color for the Happy Birthday App
  11. Add the code for New and Exit: The last of the Happy Birthday App
  12. Microsoft Reference: Message Boxes
  13. A Message Box Example
  14. Message Box Buttons and Icons
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