Introduction to C#

After you start a Visual Basic project you will see a toolbar and buttons along the top.

Notice the words FILE, EDIT, VIEW, etc. When instructions say to select from the menu, the instructions will always start with one of these buttons, followed by a list of sub-menus, separated by commas. If you must click a button, there will be a picture of the button in the instructions.

Start a new project

We will try that now to start a new project. From the menu select File, New Project, Windows Form Application, or click new project(new project), then select C#, Windows Form Application.


After making these selections, you will see Form1 to the left of the screen. (You may also see other windows, especially if it was not just installed.)
You will also notice that the toolbar (below the menu) has changed. Buttons that were disabled previously (gray) are now enabled (in color.) Move your mouse over these buttons, notice that a "tool tip" appears telling you what each of these buttons does.


Click the start button startstart debugging to run the program. Congratulations! You have just created a Windows application! (You can close this application by clicking the X in the top right corner of the Form1 that is running. Don't close Visual Basic.)

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