A Picture Viewer Application

We will do a large project in several steps.

  1. Start a new C# Form Application and name it PictureViewer.
  2. Add the following controls to the project:
    • A menu strip: menu strip
    • A picture box: , picShow. Set the size mode to autosize.
    • An open file dialog: open file dialog, OpenFileDialog1
  3. The menuStrip is built as shown below with mnuOpen, mnuSelectFolder and mnuExit.

Type FILE in the first menu position, then going down type &Open, Select &Folder, -, E&xit
Typing the - creates a line. After entering all of the menu items go to the properties window and name the menu items mnuFile, mnuOpen, mnuSelectFolder and mnuExit.

The form will look like this (the picture box is not visible here because there is no picture yet.):

Shows menu with File, Open, Select Folder and Exit

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