We can create a button with nothing in the Up, Over and Down frames but fill in something for the hit frame we can create a button that is invisible, but will respond to the mouse.

  • Start a new Flash ActionScript 3 movie.
  • Find a picture you like, or draw one, and import it to the stage.
  • Lock  the layer with the picture.
  • Add another layer  above the picture.
  • Let's suppose there is a tree in the picture: with the brush, outline the tree and fill it in so that you have a solid shape that covers the tree.
  • Double click the tree shape to select both the fill and stroke.
  • From the menu select Modify, convert to Symbol.
  • Name it BtnTree and select Button for the type.
  • Double click the button to edit it.
  • Add a key frame to the hit area, so that it contains the tree shape.
  • Delete the tree shape from the Up frame.
  • Insert a KeyFrame in the Over frame.
  • Add text with the word "tree"  in a color that will show up against the tree.
  • Go back to scene1. The button will appear as a transparent blue shape.
  • Test the movie. You do not see a button, but when you move the mouse over the tree, you will see the word tree.

Experiment: Create a movie with a diagram labeled with transparent buttons.

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