• Draw a star or other interesting shape on the stage.
  • Double click the star to select both the stroke and the fill.
  • From the menu select Modify, Convert to Symbol.
  • In the pop-up window name it BtnStar and select Button, then click OK.

If you test the movie now, there will be a hand when you move the mouse over the star, but there is only one frame at this point, so you do not see any change for each state.

  • Double click the star to edit it. You will see that there is just one frame with any content.


  • Insert a KeyFrame in each frame.
  • In the Up and Down frames make the star a different color.
  • In the hit frame, erase half of  the star.
  • Test the movie. When you move the mouse over the star, you only see the hand on the half of the star that you did not erase.

Experiment: Edit your button to add text, filters, and other effects. Make a really interesting button.

In Flash, double click the button to open the edit window for the button. Select each frame to see what the button looks like in each state.
  • Unlock the text layer, then edit the text so that is says GO. Change the font, and make a few other changes to the text.

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