Classes: Using Pre-written ActionScript

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The Spinner class will make an object rotate around its registration point.

Download the file and save it to you computer in the "MyClasses" folder.

The Spinner Movie

  1. Create a new movie and save it in the same directory as the spinner class:
  2. Draw a star, then double click to select both the fill and the stroke.
  3. Make the star a movie clip with the registration in the center
  4. Click the Advanced button to open up the full window
    export for action script
  5. Click export for ActionScript, then type in Spinner as the base class.
  6. Click the green arrow to make sure that Flash can find the class definition.
  7. Click OK. You will get an error message that no definition for was found. That is OK.
  8. Run the movie. The star will automatically spin.
  9. Make multiple copies of the star all over the stage. They will all spin because the ActionScript to make them spin is inside the Spinner class.

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