Introduction to Flash

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Flash is used to create dynamic cross platform drawings and animation.
Flash movies can be played on a web page or as stand-alone applications.

Flash can be used to create everything from ads and games, to navigational movies.
Flash is the most widely used graphics and animation application on the web.

While the Flash developer must pay for the Flash development software, the Flash viewer is free.

Flash has a toolbox full of tools for drawing, each of these tools can have a wide variety of settings.

Animation is easy in Flash with an assortment of tools to create different types of animation.

Numerous special effects such as drop shadows can be added to your drawings with just a few clicks.

You can also import, sounds, photos,  movies, clip art, animated gifs, and other files into Flash.
After importing pictures, you can edit them and add animation. Flash has a powerful object oriented programming language called ActionScript3 which can be used to make your movies interactive.

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