Drawing with Precision

  1. This button awill line up the shapes on their center line (in the center of the stage if "to stage" is selected.
  2. Likewise, this button a will align the objects to the right.
  3. Align along the top:a
  4. Align along the vertical centera
  5. Align along the bottoma
  6. Select all 3 objects, select "to stage", then click a to distribute the objects evenlya
    along their center points.
  7. Select all three objects, then click ato make them all the same width with "to stage" selected:
    With "to stage" deselected:
    to stage is deslected
  8. Likewise,  makes them all the same height as the tallest object.
  9.  makes all of the objects the same height and width, using the largest height and the largest width.
  10. If we start with the objects like this :unaligned objects and select aligned to stage we make the objects evenly spaced.

To Do: Add a few buttons and make them lined up evenly in the top left of the stage.

To Do: With the grid visible, use the pen tool to create a very even curve.
pen tool with grid

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