Drawing Basic Shapes

At this point, you have learned to work with layers and frames. You have used a few drawing tools.

In this section we explore some additional features and settings for these tools.

The selection tool Selection Tool (V) is the most often used tool. We will always go back to the selection tool after finishing any other tool. The hot key is V.
We can also select a drawing using the lassoLasso Tool (L) tool.

We can navigate around the stage with the scroll bars, but also with the handLasso Tool (L) tool.

We can create strokes with the pencil Pencil Tool (Y), penPen Tool(P), and lineLine Tool(N) tools.

We can create fills with the brushBrush Tool (B) tool.

We can create basic shapes with the rectangleRectangle Tool(R), ovalOval Tool (O), and polystarPolystar Tool tools.
The Rectangle Primitive ToolRectangle Primitive Tool (R) and Oval Primitive ToolOval Primitive Tool (O) are exactly the same as the rectangle and oval tools except that the drawing is grouped.

We can modify a drawing with the selection Selection Tool (V), the subselectionSubselection Tool (A), the free transformFree Transform Tool (Q)\ and the eraserEraser Tool(E) tools.

Please study the material at each of the links below.

  1. The Selection Tool
  2. The Lasso Tool
  3. The Pencil tool
  4. The Pen Tool
  5. The Line Tool & Line Styles
  6. The Rectangle Tool
  7. The Oval Tool
  8. The PolyStar tool
  9. The Subselection Tool
  10. The Eraser tool
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