The Toolbar

This is a brief summary of the drawing tools in Flash. Note that some tools are in groups. If you are looking for the rectangle, you may not see it, but may see the oval tool instead.
Image Tool Hot Key
Selection Tool (V) Selection Tool V
Subselection Tool (A) Subselection Tool A
Free Transform Tool (Q)\ Free Transform Tool Q
    Gradient Transform Tool (F) Gradient Transform Tool F
Lasso Tool (L) Lasso Tool L
    Lasso options Magic Wand,
Magic Wand Settings,
polygon mode
Pen Tool(P) Pen Tool P
  Add Anchor Add Anchor Point Tool =
    Delete Anchor Delete Anchor Point Tool -
    Delete Anchor Convert Anchor Point Tool C
Text Tool(T) Text Tool T
Line Tool(N) Line Tool N
Rectangle Tool(R) Rectangle Tool R
    Oval Tool (O) Oval Tool O
    Rectangle Primitive Tool (R) Rectangle Primitive Tool R
   Oval Primitive Tool (O) Oval Primitive Tool O
    Polystar Tool Polystar Tool  
Pencil Tool (Y) Pencil Tool Y
Brush Tool (B) Brush Tool B
Ink bottle Tool (S) Ink Bottle Tool S
Paint Bucket Tool(K) Paint Bucket Tool K
Eyedropper Tool(I) Eyedropper Tool I
Eraser Tool(E) Eraser Tool E
Hand Tool(H) Hand Tool H
Zoom Tool(M,Z) ZoomTool M,Z
Zoom Tool(M,Z) Stroke Color  
Fill color Fill Color  
Black and White/Swap Colors Black and White,
Swap Colors
No Color No color  
Snap To Objects Snap To Objects  
Snap To Objects Object Drawing (J) J

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