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Professor Joy

Professor Joy holds a B.S. from Inter-American University in Puerto Rico, an M.S. from City University of NY (Brooklyn College) in Computer Science, and a M. Ed. in TESOL (ESL) from Shenandoah University.

She joined Montgomery College full time in spring 2009. Prior to joining Montgomery College, Professor Joy taught computer science at Northern Virginia Community College, Trenton State College, and LaGuardia Community College in New York. She also worked as a programmer for several years.

She has taught classes in C++, Visual Basic, Php/MySQL, Flash, Actionscript, Java, Alice, Systems design, computer concepts, and others.

Professor Joy is especially interested in online learning and the use of online technology to enhance learning. She has developed two educational websites, hello-world.com for language learning, and zebra0.com for computer science education. She creates educational games and activities using Flash, ActionScript, PHP, and Javascript. All of the materials at her websites are free of charge.

You can write to Professor Joy at jjoy@zebra0.com

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