Arithmetic Operations

We have some quantity of eggs to sell. We want to package it by the dozen. We want find how many dozen we can sell and how many we will have left over.

Build the form as shown below:

Horizonal Scroll Bar

  Name:  HsbEggs
  LargeChange = 1


  Name:  LblInstructions
  Text = "Select the number of eggs:"

  Name:  LblEggs
  Text:  "0"

  Name:  LblDozen
  Text: "Dozen=0"

  Name:  LblRemainder
  Text: "Remainder=0"

Write the code as shown below:

'Programmer: Janet Joy
'Select number of eggs and show the number of dozen andremaining
Public Class Form1
    Private Sub HsbEggs_Scroll(sender As Object, e As ScrollEventArgs) Handles HsbEggs.Scroll
        'Calculate dozen and number left fro mvalue on scroll bar
        Dim eggs As Integer = Me.HsbEggs.Value
        Me.LblEggs.Text = eggs
        Dim dozen As Integer = eggs \ 12
        Me.LblDozen.Text = "Dozen=" & dozen
        Dim remain As Integer = eggs Mod 12
        Me.LblRemainder.Text = "Remainder=" & remain
    End Sub
End Class

Remember, you should try doing each of these programs on your own. Get it to work, break it, modify it, and then try to write it on your own!

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