Forms in Visual Basic

Visual Basic includes several ready made forms that you can use. In this example we will use a Splash Screen and a LoginForm.

  1. Close any open solution and start a new Windows application named Showy.
  2. Don't make any changes to the form.
  3. From the menu select Project, Add Form.
  4. Select the Spalsh Screen.
  5. Make any changes you want to frmSplash. Add company logo, pictures, a nice background color, etc.
  6. Change the property WindowState to maximized if you want it to fill the screen at start.
  7. Add another form, this time select Login Form
  8. If you run the program, the program will still start with Form1.
  9. In the Solution Explorer, right click on the project, then select properties.
  10. Select "LoginForm1" as the Startup form.
  11. Select "When last form closes" for shutdown mode.
  12. Select "SpashScreen1" as the Splash Screen.

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