Introduction to Visual Basic

In this lesson you will learn what Visual Basic is. You will download and install Visual Studio Community 2015.

You will learn to to use the IDE (integrated development environment) and write your first program: Hello World.

Visual Basic is an object oriented programming language. It is used to write Windows programs that are GUI and event driven.

It’s WHAT???

GUI: Graphical User Interface (pronounced gooey): the user can make choices with the mouse rather than having to type everything. He selects icons, option buttons, command buttons, and other graphic images, or pictures.

Object: An object combines both data (properties) and events (procedures). You will build your program from objects such as forms, command buttons, scroll bars, text boxes, picture boxes and timers. Each object (or control) has properties such as a name, width, color, and font. You write code for events that may happen to the control. Some of the events that can happen include click on it, double click it, or move the mouse over it, the user types in a text box, or a timer goes off. Different kinds of objects have different properties and events associated with them. For example, scroll bars have maximum and minimum properties, a timer has an interval property. Text boxes have properties such as font, font color, and font size. Most properties can be changed at both design time and at run time.

Event Driven: When you run an event driven program, it continuously checks to see if an event has occurred. When an event occurs, any code for that event is executed, then the cycle of checking for another event continues.

Please study the material at each of the links below.

  1. Microsoft Manual: Getting Started
  2. What do I need?
  3. Your first Program: Hello World
  4. Files in your project
  5. The Menu
  6. Changing Properties at Design Time
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