The Pizza Project

The form has the following controls and properties:

ToolTip : toolTip1
GroupBox grpSize: text="Size" contains radioButtons:

  • radSmall: text="Small 9.25"; tag="9.25"; Tooltip="Feeds 1 to 3 people"
  • radMedium: text="Medium 11.50"; tag="11.50"; Tooltip="Feeds 4 to 5 people"
  • radLarge: text="Large 13.75"; tag="13.75"; Tooltip="Feeds 5 to 6 people"

GroupBox grpCrust: text="Crust" contains radioButtons:

  • radThin: text="Thin"; tag="0"; tooltip="NY Style"
  • radThick: text="Thick"; tag="0"; tooltip="Chicago Style"

CheckBox: chkCheese: text="Extra cheese $1.50"; tag=1.50
Label: lblToppings; text="Toppings $1 each"
CheckedListBox: ChkLstToppings; Items="Anchovies", "Eggplant", "Mushrooms", "Onions", "Pepperoni", "Sausage"
RichTextBox :RichTextBox1
Button : btnCalculate: text="Calculate"

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