Zebra Notes: Open, Save, Save As, and Format with a Rich Text Box

p>In this lesson we will create an application similar to notepad, but we will use a RichTextBox RichTextBox so that you can format the text to make it bold, italics, etc. The file type that we will create is rtf.

  1. Start a new Visual Basic application and name it MyNotes.
  2. Add a RichTextBox to the form. It will be called RichTextBox1 and we will leave it at that.
  3. Add a MenuStrip MenuStrip to the form. The MenuStrip will be at the top of the form and shown under the form.
  4. Click the arrow at the top right of the menu strip and select Insert Standard Items:Insert Standard Items
  5. Click on File to see what was added to the menu:
    The files menu
  6. Click Save All SaveAllat this point and run the program to see what we have so far.

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